For Stable Manager I have created a visual language, including colors and typography, suitable for the horse-themed boardgame.

I have also illustrated characters and visual elements for the game as well as for usage in social media. I have worked in a close collaboration with the game developer to ensure that the visuals would work well in gameplay 


This is from a personal project where I animated a fictional intro to a series of educational animations.

The illustrations consist by a variety of objects to represent the width of themes found in the series. I made them simple in the shape of silhuettes so the observer quickly will recognize them. Apart from the objects I have used bold colors to draw attention and get a scrolling observer to stop and look.  

Plant PPL

Plant PPL is my own brand where I offer prints, artwork and other products designed by me.

I think the logo expresses the essens of my brand which is products handmade/designed by a small business often with plants included in them.

Besides illustrating I also do product photography, editing,  social media content and more.


Personal project – a storyboard for a music video intro with a few keyframes in color to express the mood and tone of the visuals.